Faster! Stace Van Wetering’s need for speed


The International Festival of Speed, an annual event held at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek – celebrated its 14th Anniversary last weekend.

Stace Van Wetering, 30, has been racing since 2013 and is competing in her first year as part of the RB Racing team. Stace really enjoys the atmosphere of the track and of course motorcycle racing.

Stace participated in a practice day and competed over a further three days at Sydney Motor Sport Park, racing against her old club the Post Classic Racing Association NSW during the festival.

You Can Do It: MLK’s Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. addresses a crowd from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where he delivered his famous, “I Have a Dream,” speech during the Aug. 28, 1963, march on Washington, D.C.

BY JOSEPH NAJJAR @joseph_najjar4

For today’s theme of You Can Do It, we have decided to focus on Martin Luther King Jr. The reason for this is how King accomplished a lot in advancing the civil rights movement, while many others before him couldn’t.

Riders hit Eastern Creek for the 2019 International Festival of Speed

Riders in the 2018 International Festival of Speed at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. Photo: Rob Nyffenegger


For anyone passionate about motorcycles, motorcycle racing and just hanging around race tracks in general – the International Festival of Speed, held at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek over March 14 – 17.

Women’s pro sports inspiring girls

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BY ADAM HAYWARD @hayward_adamk

Women’s sports rise to prominence, inspiring girls to follow their dreams

The meteoric rise in women’s sports has been one of the most exciting trends in the entire sporting industry in Australia as every prominent sporting code have now formed their own elite women’s competitions.  

Be brave, be honest: Q&A with journalist Jack Marx

Journalist Jack Marx. Photo courtesy Jack Marx

Jack Marx is a journalist and author, well-known for his Walkley Award-winning story ‘I was Russell Crowe’s stooge‘, and a controversial biography of legendary muso Stevie Wright. Q&A by Dylan Berg.

Podcast: Conspiracy Theories

Was the moon landing faked, just a film directed by Stanley Kubrick on a Hollywood studio lot? Who, what and where are The Illuminati? If the world isn’t flat, why do aircraft fly on the international routes they do? Harry, Flynn, Liam, and Rob talk about our favourite conspiracy theories.