Demystifying Political Lingo

Australian politics is a funny area of public life. It can be flamboyant, turbulent, controversial and exciting, and is a place where wars are fought with words. Although engaging to many, these lexical battles can mean that political conversations often make younger voters feel isolated and cut off from the bigger discussion. Why? Well, the […]


Foto PhreakZ Episode 1 show notes

File handling and archiving your photo data. Article by Rob Nyffenegger Digital does not exist – A big point to note with digital imagery is that it does not exist until it takes on physical form. The digital information can easily be lost, corrupted or an original saved over into a thumbnail sized file – […]


Creepypasta and the tale of Building Z

Creepypastas are paranormal and horror legends that circulate the internet, often including references to the occult. The most famous of the creepypasta folklore is the tale of Slender Man, who actually originated from a 2009 Photoshop competition – instead of being the decades old legend it is now considered to be. Like many creepypastas that […]


The #wellbeing playlist

Missed today’s show? It’s ok, we’ll be back here and on air next Friday at 11am with the #weird show. In the meantime, put on your headphones and spend some time with these tunes, compiled by Tim Samuel and Hannah Dunlop. Have an excellent weekend from all of us at Sydney TAFE Media and #RadioGaGa. […]