A life worth living


He may share the same name as our current Prime Minister but this Malcolm Turnbull has never considered a life in politics. He grew up fishing, surfing waves and proudly supporting the Cronulla Sharks who – much to his delight – will be playing for their first premiership this weekend.

Photos: Uganda offers refuge to displaced South Sudanese

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Photos: Anouk Delafortrie/cc/EU/ECHO/flickr.com

A relatively small country compared to its African neighbours, Uganda hosts the most refugees in the region after Ethiopia. It is the only country that boasts a self-reliance policy for refugees as opposed to an ‘encampment’ policy that restricts refugees to living in camps, often entirely dependent on aid.

In Uganda, refugees can move freely and are given a small plot of land to grow food. They are encouraged to engage with the local communities and find employment opportunities. Since renewed fighting in South Sudan in July, Uganda has seen a mass influx of refugees, now totaling more than 665 000. Its progressive policy is coming under pressure. The European Commission funds emergency relief, but is also supporting partners such as the Norwegian Refugee Council who have started vocational training centres where young refugees can learn a profession. This is helping them to earn an income and live in dignity.


Reimagining ‘R U OK?’

On R U OK? Day, the second Thursday of September each year, Australians ask the direct question of friends, family and sometimes strangers: Are they ok? The day is designed to create opportunities to start the conversation about mental health. There have been mixed responses to the day. Some feel it severely minimises the experience of mental illness, others feel it is a positive step for the community.

LAURA SMITH and JAZMINE HUGGINS spent time reimagining the R U OK? Day message, discussing the concerns and spitballing how they could deliver an alternate, but similar message.

Renters rights in NSW

What are the effects on people of long-term renting? Photo: Day Donaldson/CC/Flickr


Rates of home ownership are in decline across Australia and young Australians are more likely than ever to face a long future in the rental market. Renters Rights in NSW looks at the current policy settings for renters in our state and the effects on young people and families. This story features interviews with Dr Hazel Blunden from the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW and the Johnson-Lewis family of Canada Bay.