Happy Harmony Day!

By Phoebe Probst @PhoebeMila
Illustration by Jasmine Ryan @JasmineRyanTAFE

Multiculturalism is at the core of Australia’s society today, with almost half of Australians being born overseas or have a parent that was. Celebrating this beautiful cultural diversity is Harmony Day, today we embrace all that is our culture and the migrants that helped build it.

Falling on the same day as the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Harmony Day is dedicated to the 7.5 million+ individuals who have migrated to Australian since 1945 and not only their integration into Australia but what they have made our country today. I couldn’t imagine my home here without people that once called somewhere else home, and celebrating us all as, well ‘us’,  is an integral part of our society. Some of the most commonly spoken languages in Australia excluding English, are Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Punjabi, and Hindi, with more than 70 Indigenous languages spoken here too I’m underwhelmed at my own atrocious English spelling abilities.

More natural than noticeable, the accelerating multiculturalism of Australia is developed from the foundation of over 300 ancestries and continuing with the migration of inspiring people from all over world. We here at TAFE Sydney Media encourage you to embrace Harmony Day today and celebrate diversity everyday. Everybody belongs!

If you’re interested in some more about Harmony Day or statistical facts about Australia’s diversity check out:

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Animation by Ziggy Filshie @ziggyfishy

Happy Harmony Day from the Certificate 4 students at Sydney TAFE Media. We went out to ask people about cultural diversity in Australia, and why recognising #harmonyday is important.

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