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Dirk the Dangerous NBA Dagger

Story and illustration by Hugh Widjaya @hughwidjaya What makes Dirk Nowitzki the greatest shooter and one of the most inspiring players ever? At seven feet tall Dirk Werner Nowitzki should not have such a stunning array of shooting moves. Sure he might look awkward when the ball leaves his fingers and his feet the ground […]

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Breaking News | March 31

Joe Hockey addresses the same budget issues of the Labor government back in December, 2013. Photo: tramwayjohn/Flickr   WARNING – Effects of the budget by Chloe Taylor Joe Hockey has warned that people of the public will be affected during the process of repairing our budget. According to treasury figures the budget would remain in […]


Yoko: Revolution never rests

STORY AND PHOTO BY JASMINE VASARHELYI Her vision inspired generations, her voice speaks when the fearful were silent, and it is her originality that has established Yoko Ono – Japanese-American artist and wife of the late John Lennon – as a legend in her own right. This summer at Sydney’s Modern Contemporary Art Yoko’s exhibition […]

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Beau Ryan’s Shock Announcement

Beau Ryan playing for Wests Tigers in 2011, Photo: Naparazzi/Flickr BY OLIVIA CVETANOVSKI   It was the official announcement that rocked the world of rugby league, as the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks’ Winger Beau Ryan, was forced to make the decision of his life when an ongoing neck injury became career ending. “Obviously with my injury, I […]


Here come the Sons

BY WES TAYLOR American president John F. Kennedy had a drastic situation over his stand-off with the Soviet Union in the ’60s with the Cuban Missile Crisis, but his namesake, Australian musician John Francis Kennedy, has no crisis over his new musical concept, Sons of Sun. Well-known Australian musician John Francis Kennedy has developed an […]


Winning, anyone? Charlie is

BY NICK CAVARRETTA Well, you may or may not have not seen Charlie Sheen’s comeback yet, and I’m sure you’re sceptical about a kind of sober Charlie Sheen on television. The eighth episode of the new show Anger Management is about to be released in the US. Meanwhile here in Australia we’re waiting until Tuesday August […]


Review: The Dark Knight Rises

BY MARK SINDONI Christopher Nolan rebooted and re-imagined Batman in a modern world with his 2005 film, Batman Begins. This allowed audiences into the past of the caped crusader, and explained what drives him to stop criminals in Gotham City. The 2008 blockbuster The Dark Knight was the follow-up to the 2005 release.  Mentally tested, Batman […]