You Can Do It: MLK’s Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. addresses a crowd from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where he delivered his famous, “I Have a Dream,” speech during the Aug. 28, 1963, march on Washington, D.C.

BY JOSEPH NAJJAR @joseph_najjar4

For today’s theme of You Can Do It, we have decided to focus on Martin Luther King Jr. The reason for this is how King accomplished a lot in advancing the civil rights movement, while many others before him couldn’t.

Riders hit Eastern Creek for the 2019 International Festival of Speed

Riders in the 2018 International Festival of Speed at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. Photo: Rob Nyffenegger


For anyone passionate about motorcycles, motorcycle racing and just hanging around race tracks in general – the International Festival of Speed, held at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek over March 14 – 17.

Rescuing Lucky

Christa with her rescue kitten, Lucky. Photo courtesy Jasmine Ryan


My nan, Christa, is 72 years old. Her sense of humour gives her a really youthful sense to life. She lives in a cottage in the town of Brunswick in Adelaide, with her kitten Lucky and her “fishies”.

Walruses surprise scientists in Alaska

Walruses have surprised villagers and biologists in Port Heiden, Alaska. Photo: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve/CC/Wikimedia Commons

BY HARRY ASHFORD-COX @harryashford15

Scientists are trying to figure out why a group of walruses are gathering on the Alaska Peninsula.

Port Heiden’s tribal council president John Christensen Jr. said he was on a beach ride when he smelled something foul, which he initially thought could be dead seals or sea otters, but instead found a beach full of live walruses.

People share the strange ways they met their friends

Besties. Photo: CC/Pixabay


All friendships have to start somewhere. Most friendship beginnings start in simple ways, being neighbours, at a party or through mutual friends.
Some stories, however, are slightly different.

Reddit users begun sharing their unique stories of becoming friends.

It’s much harder to make friends as we get older :(

Best friends. Photo: Thomas Leuthard/CC/Flickr

BY THOMAS ENGLISH @thomasjenglish7

One of the biggest challenges for adults is, put simply, making friends.

Becoming best friends with someone who couldn’t understand a word I said



Most of us have best friends, and each story is unique. Mine started when I was six.

It was my first day in Australia, a new, strange country where I couldn’t communicate with people yet because I couldn’t speak the language. It was my first experience with jetlag – me and my mum eating spaghetti at 4 am because of the time difference. Jane, five at the time, lived in the house behind mine. My stepdad and the neighbours surrounding our house got along pretty well, and he let her know that my mum and I were moving to Australia from Chile.

On our second day, Jane’s dad approaches the fence and talks to my stepdad. He tells him that his daughter wants to spend time with me. My stepdad told me, and I was hesitant. I couldn’t communicate with her, plus she had two large labradors. Throughout my whole childhood, I was terrified of dogs because of an incident with three Huskies who excitedly jumped on me as a baby.

After some convincing, I went over to her house and met the dogs. They were friendly, but I was still scared. That whole day consisted of us trying to talk through hand signals and playing in her cubby house. From that day, our friendship never stopped.

We experienced everything together – concerts, our first boyfriends, me learning English, our dogs passing away, high school and everything in between.

I asked Jane what she thought about our experience as best friends through the majority of our lives. She told me some of her “best memories” happened with me.

“Valeria and I grew up together and have experienced the good, the bad and the embarrassing,” she said. “She knows literally everything about me and my life and still loves me”

She has helped me in so many aspects of my life, even buying a Dora kids kitchen set to learn each other’s words.

Being best friends from two different cultures, we learned plenty from each other. She loves Chilean caramel ‘manjar’ and makes it at her own house. I love the pies her dad makes, something I had never eaten until coming to Australia. Pies aren’t a thing in Chile.

My life would not be the same without Jane. She made me motivated to learn English when I arrived so we could actually talk. I know my life would be very different if we had never crossed paths. It has been nearly 12 years, with a lifetime to go.