There’s more than one way to rescue a cat ^^



Rescue cats crowd our RSPCAs and small shelters each day. More than 35,000 die each year at RSPCA because of lack of space and not enough adoptions.

Adopting, volunteering and donating are great ways to help these animals in need. However, there’s a different way that is unique.

A four minute walk from Central station you will find Sydney’s first cat cafe, Catmosphere.

A cat cafe is your usual cafe serving drinks and snacks but with a difference. While you eat and drink there are cats surrounding you, coming up for pats and cuddles.

Catmosphere gives you the option of half an hour with kittens and an hour with the adult cats.

All of these cats are fosters from the RSPCA staying until they find a home.

“Sometimes we get cats available for adoption from our own store,” our Catmosphere hostess said.

It costs to keep a pet cat. For that reason, Catmosphere lets you sponsor a cat for $30 a month and entitles you to two visits a month.

Neil Pawstrong was my favourite

Entry for an hour-long kitty visit is $20 per person. Included in this is a free hot or cold drink and a cat shaped cookie to take home.

The adult cats are friendly, curious creatures. One of the rules is not to pick them up; they are rescue cats and a history of abuse and a stranger picking them up can cause distress.

Having these cats in a cafe, raising money in ticket sales and merchandise increases their chances of survival and lets them run around and socialise instead of living in a pen.

Catmosphere has another cafe in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Quantum spirituality

Where does spirituality end and science begin? CHRISTIAN JAILER writes that science is starting to provide evidence for some of our spiritual beliefs.

Quantum physics, also known as quantum mechanics, is a central theory in physics that examines the tiniest particles and energies revealed in nature. These comprise of atoms and subatomic particles such as electrons and photons.

If you gaze closer, atoms and other particles in their simple form are only made up of energy. And energy is in continuous motion. This is where traditional scientific principles often break down because moving energy can’t easily be measured and categorised as science aims to do. Instead, we’re left with a new world of potentials that start to explain nature on an unfathomable level, which has conventionally been the realm of spirituality.

In the physical world, we all seem like very separate individuals. If you could gaze at an atom under a powerful microscope, you would see a small, hurricane-like vortex that contained other infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These vortices are unseen to the human eye, and like all energy, they have no mass or physical structure.

Quantum physics has proven that our thoughts can indeed influence matter. Your mind has created your reality based on your thoughts and insights. Many modern theories support this observation.

Science previously believed that matter only contained particles, and light only existed in waves. Now, quantum physicists have found that light can act like a particle, twisting around corners or bouncing off walls. And matter can behave as a wave, such as electrons moving in waves around a neutron.

Simply observing particles actually changes their behaviour. Electrons have been shown to behave as waves. Although, an Israeli study revealed they only do this when no one is watching.

Electrons moving in waves. Photo: Alexandre Gondran [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
Quantum physics now provides a way to prove that time is not as absolute as we often think it is. Scientists have proven certain particles can become entangled so that their physical properties will consistently mirror each other.

Spiritual teachings reveal the karmic principle that what you put into the universe will come back to you. But quantum physics is revealing there may actually be a scientific law behind that mantra.

One particle can be in many locations at once. A fact that has been proven repeatedly in what physicians call the double-slit experiment. Researchers have sent atoms, photons, complex molecules and other single particles through a barrier that has two slits cut into it. Every time, each particle shows evidence of interacting with itself on the other side of the barrier. This shows the particle somehow went through both slits at the same time. This has given rise to the many-worlds theory, which suggests there’s endless number of parallel universes that exist in this moment. This also means there’s an infinite number of potential realities where the infinite versions of you have committed every action possible during your infinite lives.

Lost connections

We escape into our phones instead of talking to one another. Photo: Susanne Nilsson/CC/Flickr

By Jasmine Ryan @JasmineRyanTAFE

Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week 2018

Photo: Pixabay/CC

By Thomas English @thomasjenglish7

On Sorry Day and during Reconciliation Week Australians say sorry for the policies that led to the Stolen Generations.

Reconciliation Week 2018: Connections

Graphic by Jasmine Ryan

Thank you for joining us for today’s program, ‘Connections’, in recognition of Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week 2018.

Today we acknowledge the ongoing anguish felt by families torn apart by government policies that created the Stolen Generations. We grieve that there is still so far to go before we close the gap. In ‘Connections’ we will consider connectedness with family, culture and identity through music, language and stories.

You can listen to us online between 11am and 12 noon by clicking the image (left).

We offer our respect, thanks and appreciation to the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, the traditional owners of the land on which our college stands. Thank you also to our brothers and sisters at Eora TAFE who so generously shared their stories with us this week.

It’s complicated …

By Harry Ashford-Cox @harryashford15

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Perfect or complicated, movie and TV relationships often show us reflections of our own relationships – with partners, family or even friends. Here are five tricky ones.

Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet definitely love one another and the movie does a great job of showing it. The love between the two is forbidden, but the pair were deeply in love and were willing to do anything to be with each another. They make a plan to get married and run away together, but the wedding is against their families’ wishes. They can rarely be together, either.

Juliet fakes her own death by drinking a phial of liquid that makes her fall into a deep death-like sleep, but Romeo doesn’t get the memo. When Juliet is pronounced dead by her family, he drinks poison that slowly kills him. Just after he takes the fatal sip Juliet wakes up, and is forced to watch her true love die in front of her. She then kisses him farewell and shoots herself so that they can finally be together. And ending that we can safely say isn’t fairy tale, happily ever after.

Raymond and Elizabeth in The Blacklist

Being an FBI agent is not an easy job, but add to that finding out you’re the daughter of a Most Wanted criminal and your life turns on its head. This is the relationship between Elizabeth and Raymond. FBI agent Elizabeth has no clue that Raymond is her father and he uses this to his advantage. In the first episode Raymond hands himself over to the FBI seeking help to eliminate his rivals. Predictably, they refuse, so Raymond tells them about the blacklist, a list of criminals that he can help the FBI find and capture. Because of this Raymond gains immunity.

Raymond’s list helps him to kill two birds with one stone as he and the FBI take down people on the blacklist and he can still run his criminal empire. As the show progresses Elizabeth begins to find out why Raymond has an interest in her. Raymond does not want Elizabeth the find out about their relationship and will do anything to keep it from her because he wants her to remain innocent.

Lucifer and Chloe in Lucifer

You might think someone in your life is the devil. In Lucifer detective Chloe Decker has that person. Lucifer – who is the actual devil – enters Chloe’s life one night after his friend is killed and Chloe questions him. Lucifer finds an interest in Chloe and begins to help her solve crime even though he isn’t a cop. As the devil, Lucifer is used to bringing out people’s deepest desires just by asking them, but it doesn’t work on Chloe. Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship is not your normal relationship, Lucifer can be considered selfish and puts his needs before others which gets on Chloe’s nerves a lot throughout the series.

Although they are not a couple, Lucifer becomes a civilian consultant and he and Chloe now work together. Chloe does not believe that Lucifer is the devil despite Lucifer repeatedly telling her. Lucifer is immortal, and at one point, to prove to Chloe that he is the devil he asks her to shoot him. She shoots him in the leg and he finds that he is vulnerable when he’s with her. Lucifer could easily show Chloe his devil face but he doesn’t want to take away her innocence, and because he thinks if he shows her then she won’t want to be a part of his life any more.

Riggs and Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon


Riggs, the carefree maniac who takes down bad guys with an attitude. Murtaugh, the cop who does it by the book … most of the  time. These two cops form an odd duo when doing cop stuff, but they somehow make it work. Riggs lives in a trailer on the beach, Murtaugh lives in a big house with a family. Riggs as a child was beaten by his father and this all comes into play with how he is as a man now. He is also must see the psychologist to discuss his issues which he is reluctant to do.

When taking down bad guys it is evident throughout the show that Riggs will get his man through any means necessary whether he has to jump of a building or run through oncoming traffic he doesn’t give up. On the other hand Murtaugh likes to stay in his car chasing a perp and often will lose him because of this and that’s where Riggs comes in. It’s a very strange partnership that in the end results in lots of damage but also really good police work.

Homer and Marge in the Simpsons

It’s hard to see why Marge and Homer are a couple. Homer can be a lousy husband most days, spending hours at Moe’s or on the couch in his undies with a beer in one hand and a TV remote in the other. Meanwhile Marge is a full time housewife, working taking care of her family and the house.

Homer is often forgetful and loses a lot of things and this causes Marge to get mad, a lot. But when it comes down to it these two are meant for each other. Marge and Homer are one of the most iconic couples on TV and no matter how bad things get, they will always be together because when it comes down to it you can really tell that they really, really love each other.

In one episode, Marge and Homer were about to go to prom together. They have an argument, and Marge goes to the dance with Arty Ziff instead. Afterwards she’s on her way home and sees Homer walking by himself, and picks him up.

Marge: “Why so glum?”

Homer: “I’ve got a problem. As soon as you stop this car, I’m gonna hug you and kiss you, and then I’ll never be able to let you go.”

Love comes in sometimes imperfect packages.

10 things that happen when you fall in love

BY HARRY ASHFORD-COX @harryashford15

We all know the feeling … weak knees, butterflies in the tummy, an inability to think about anything or anyone but bae <3 Harry A-C has done some research to find the definitive list of what actually happens to us when we find true love.

  1. Your appearance matters

Obviously when you go on a date, you don’t want to turn up in basketball shorts and a shirt with a cat on it. People will tend to make sure they look in top condition to impress their date by shaving, using extra deodorant and losing weight, all in hope to find The One.


  1. You try more things outside your comfort zone

Most people in relationships have some common interests, but there are always a couple of things one half is reluctant to do. If you’re single and are afraid of heights you probably won’t go skydiving, but if you have a daredevil partner you will be open to trying new things to connect with them.


  1. You buy them stuff

It could be their birthday, Christmas or any other holiday, or maybe you just feel a little generous and buy them a gift for no reason at all except that they make you happy.


  1. You must be with them

You have this new person in your life and all you want to do is be with them ALL DAY EVERY DAY whether watching Netflix or going for a walk.


  1. You meet more people

This one comes with any person you meet really, but when you fall in love with someone you are more likely to meet more people. Their parents, friends, co-workers and other family.


  1. You can’t stop looking

All you want is to keep looking at them because they are that spark in your life and you appreciate them so much and you’re just SO IN LOVE. When your eyes are making contact with something they are fixated, so if you are looking at them for a long time it’s either love or something weird’s going on. Probably love.


  1. You sing and dance

When you’re in love obviously you’re happy and sometimes you get that urge just to unleash your inner Tom Cruise and go full-on Risky Business. Because that’s what love can do.


  1. Your hormones go wild

Cheeks blush, hearts beat faster, palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. All of these things happen (maybe not the last two) when you are in love. You probably might even feel high because of all the euphoric feelings you’re having.


  1. Your heart rates synchronise

No, they really do. The University of California at Davis conducted research that revealed couples when couples are connected to monitors their heart beats and breathing were in sync.


  1. You now care (even) more about the future

Ok, you’re in a relationship and now you must think about the future. Are you going to get married? Have kids? Get a dog? It might all still be up in the air but at least you have something to look forward to and plan for.


Animalia: the playlist

Graphic by Jasmine Ryan

Thanks for joining us today on Sydney TAFE Radio for our Friday #animalia special. We’ll be uploading a podcast of the show, as well as previous weeks’ shows, next week. In the meantime, here’s the playlist of the animal-themed tunes we played today, with music direction by Flynn Dunbavan, Rob Frezza Mangone, Anthony Shelston, Liam Maddren and Harry Dunn.

Next week we’ll be celebrating two humans getting married on the other side of the planet – no prizes for guessing which ones – with an hour of radio and lots of online stuff based around love and relationships. See you then. Mwah!