Podcast: Conspiracy Theories

Was the moon landing faked, just a film directed by Stanley Kubrick on a Hollywood studio lot? Who, what and where are The Illuminati? If the world isn’t flat, why do aircraft fly on the international routes they do? Harry, Flynn, Liam, and Rob talk about our favourite conspiracy theories.

People share the strange ways they met their friends

Besties. Photo: CC/Pixabay


All friendships have to start somewhere. Most friendship beginnings start in simple ways, being neighbours, at a party or through mutual friends.
Some stories, however, are slightly different.

Reddit users begun sharing their unique stories of becoming friends.

It’s much harder to make friends as we get older :(

Best friends. Photo: Thomas Leuthard/CC/Flickr

BY THOMAS ENGLISH @thomasjenglish7

One of the biggest challenges for adults is, put simply, making friends.